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Mentoring is my passion in life because it changed mine.

Most people think of mentoring as a nice thing to do, it rarely, if ever, is brought up in marketing conversations. That needs to change because creating a shared purpose is more impactful than crafting another sales pitch.

If you want to stay “top of mind” and “build your brand” the best way to do it is to help people solve problems and create opportunities. That’s what collaborative mentoring does.

That’s why I work with business owners and marketers to Increase Communication With

their CURRENT clients while attracting NEW ones faster through interview content, fireside chat events and mentoring programs that can change the lives of the people they serve while growing their business at the same time.

During my journey I’ve been fortunate to collaborate on exciting projects such as:

● Running book launches and speaking tours for New York Times bestselling business authors

● Working with the Founder of TED to create an event with 50 world class luminaries

● Creating the branding statement and heading up marketing strategy for the the world’s largest chapter of Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

● Interviewing senior Dell executives and sponsors at the news desk at Dell World (now Dell EMC World)

● Creating marketing and outreach programs for the world’s largest improv festival

● Creating the inaugural mentoring program for the Quinlan School Of Business at Loyola University

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