Ink Factory is a team of artists who help organizations communicate visually. Co-founders, Dusty, Lindsay, and Ryan, combined their creative and strategic facilitation backgrounds to create Ink Factory in 2011. Since then, Ink Factory has helped a vast array of Fortune 100 companies visualize and solve complex problems with the help of visual note-taking and collaborative exercises. In the years since opening our doors, the methods we use to help businesses in every corner of the world constantly evolves thanks to new technology, techniques, and thought-provoking creativity.

No matter the event or the setting, we develop creative visual experiences that will wow your audience and help them better understand and remember information.

Event Promotion: Ink Factory will be showcasing our live Visual Note-taking service. Visual note-taking (also called graphic recording) involves capturing ideas in real-time using simple words and pictures that act as metaphors for complex ideas. Because visual notes align with how we learn best – visually – they are a proven tool for helping people remember and easily connect ideas and concepts shared in settings like meetings, conferences, keynote sessions, and trade shows.

Visual notes are a great solution if you want to add dimension to a discussion, improve understanding of content, or build an emotional connection with an audience. We can bring our skills to every corner of the globe.


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