Sima Dahl is a marketing visionary who will revolutionize the way you think about branding. Her early career as an award-winning business-to-business (b2b) marketer paved the way for the Sway FactorTM, her ground-breaking model that defines a set of behavior that when practiced consistently, will create more demand for who you are and what you do. Her work lies at the intersection of Business + Employer + Personal brands. Sima firmly believes that every person is capable of driving sales, increasing employee retention, and attracting talent once they understand they themselves are a brand too. Sima’s success lies in her ability to transform complex theory into simple steps that deliver results. In her high-impact, action-orientated programs she shows audiences from Boston to Budapest how to increase their Sway FactorTM number and stand out, stay relevant and be in demand. Sima’s bold candor, unfiltered honesty and “been there done that” delivery leaves audiences wanting more. When she’s not keynoting, you’ll find Sima consulting with a roster of forward-thinking clients including such brands as Allscripts, Assurance Agency, CDW, Harley Davidson, Medline, and united Airlines.

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